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US-9569348-B1: Method for automatic page table compression patent, US-9573874-B2: Acrylic acid and acrylate ester from lactide process patent, US-9592487-B2: Steam methane reformer system and method of performing a steam methane reforming process patent, US-9659766-B2: Method for forming semiconductor structure with etched fin structure patent, US-9680019-B1: Fin-type field-effect transistors with strained channels patent, US-9717473-B2: Method and apparatus for detecting a dipole position marker patent, US-9722362-B2: Electrical connector with improved shielding shell patent, US-9768619-B2: Power supply control circuit patent, US-9779187-B1: Automatic modeling farmer patent, US-9791719-B2: Method of determining the blocking position of an optical lens patent, US-9792871-B2: Gate driver on array circuit and liquid crystal display adopting the same patent, US-9803906-B2: Snow ice maker patent, US-9817168-B2: Circuit module patent, US-RE40536-E: Device providing picture visibility from all sides patent, US-5192904-A: Rechargeable battery conversion kit patent, US-8632728-B2: Ultraviolet sterilizer for water pipe and water way type patent, US-8651969-B1: Novelty mask display patent, US-8669142-B2: Method of manufacturing package structure patent, US-8697920-B2: Use of solids based on zinc ferrite in a process for deep desulphurizing oxygen-containing feeds patent, US-8703611-B1: Method for manufacturing a semiconductor structure patent, US-8713117-B2: Systems and methods for performing live chat functionality via a mobile device patent, US-8732688-B1: Updating system status patent, US-8751497-B2: Multi-shot scheduling system patent, US-8767479-B2: Semiconductor memory device and driving method thereof patent, US-8837539-B1: Optical power stabilizing device patent, US-8854374-B2: Tessellation patterns patent, US-8858510-B2: Safety pen needle device patent, US-8879374-B2: Objective lens driving unit that maintains electrical connection between suspension wires and leads patent, US-8895999-B2: Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-8897750-B2: Recovery from aborted integrity protection change patent, US-8900022-B2: Apparatus for use with and/or as part of a floatable item patent, US-8909073-B2: Developing unit, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus patent, US-8924757-B2: Electrical apparatus and power supply control method patent, US-8934824-B2: Nip member configuration of a fixing device patent, US-8997464-B2: Waste heat recovery system with integrated hydrocarbon adsorber, and method thereof patent, US-9001680-B2: Method and apparatus for providing improved detection of overlapping networks patent, US-9071548-B2: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for effecting movement of virtual switch interfaces between virtual switches connected to different physical ports of a device under test patent, US-9078202-B2: Apparatus and method for actively determining communication link in communication system patent, US-9130292-B1: Card connector patent, US-9210102-B1: System to enable priority bandwidth for particular IP addresses during limited duration event patent, US-9223259-B2: Fixing device and image forming apparatus patent, US-9235886-B2: Method for testing organic pattern patent, US-9243206-B2: Micro-spike algae harvesting and biofuel extraction system and method therefor patent, US-9271109-B2: Pairing method between electronic devices including communication function and electronic device patent, US-9271441-B2: Spreader device patent, US-9273018-B2: Piperazine derivatives patent, US-9306002-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-9308318-B2: Infusion pump assembly patent, US-9335819-B1: Automatic creation of sleep bookmarks in content items patent, US-9361613-B2: System and method for a baseband nearfield magnetic stripe data transmitter patent, US-9378031-B2: Method, terminal and head unit for automatically providing application services using templates patent, US-9382914-B1: Sealed integrated low profile cooling array patent, US-9415862-B2: Control interface, system and method patent, US-9425101-B2: FinFET fabrication method using buffer layers between channel and semiconductor substrate patent, US-9454950-B2: Bell device with dual tones for transport vehicles patent, US-9461691-B2: Mobile communication device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-9463892-B2: Labeling device with electronic distance monitoring patent, US-9466422-B2: Method of manufacturing a laminated electronic component patent, US-9475339-B2: Process of floral botanical collage decoupage patent, US-9481451-B2: Rigid tipped riblets patent, US-9491321-B2: Image reading apparatus that performs shading correction, method of controlling the same, and storage medium patent, US-9501447-B2: Secure handle for intra- and inter-processor communications patent, US-9510268-B2: Early arrival path detection patent, US-9516756-B2: Circuit module system patent, US-9521339-B2: Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and image processing method patent, US-9524176-B2: Method and system for binding graphical interfaces to textual code patent, US-9533844-B2: Paper feeding device and image forming apparatus patent, US-9548611-B2: Method for generating injected current of fuel cell stack and apparatus performing the same patent, US-9606470-B2: Image forming apparatus with current detection when photoconductor is re-charged patent, US-9632464-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-9654092-B1: High speed gain stage with analog input and determinable digital output using regenerative feedback patent, US-9685740-B1: Waterproof connector patent, US-9701665-B2: Quinazolin-THF-amines as PDE1 inhibitors patent, US-9734564-B2: Image contrast enhancement method patent, US-9818603-B2: Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof patent, US-9866518-B1: Introduction and communication system patent, US-9881820-B2: Front opening ring pod patent, US-PP14211-P2: Antirrhinum plant named ‘Yahit’ patent, US-RE29643-E: Locking bars patent, US-RE41878-E: Computer system with PCI express interface patent, US-8611037-B2: Magnetic disk drive and method for servo burst data correction patent, US-8672319-B2: Sheet feeders and image forming apparatuses having the same patent, US-8694743-B2: Information processing apparatus and method of backing up memory in said apparatus patent, US-8695101-B2: Data privacy engine patent, US-8710769-B2: Discharge lamp lighting circuit patent, US-8715911-B2: Coating composition for DUV filtering, method of forming photoresist pattern using the same and method of fabricating semiconductor device by using the method patent, US-8750902-B2: User profile-based assistance communication system patent, US-8770833-B2: Removable acoustic radiating membrane for a musical watch or striking watch and watch including the same patent, US-8797876-B2: Identification of underutilized network devices patent, US-8798533-B2: Evaluation of the coupling factor of an electromagnetic transponder by capacitive detuning patent, US-8812537-B1: Apparatuses, methods and systems for a descriptive business grammar syntax querier patent, US-8816944-B2: Driving current output apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, display device and driving apparatus thereof patent, US-8830044-B2: Driving support device patent, US-8858766-B2: Combinatorial high power coaxial switching matrix patent, US-8859861-B2: Melon variety NUN 02602 ME patent, US-8875071-B2: Deployment of custom shift array macro cells in automated application specific integrated circuit design flow patent, US-8877409-B2: Reflective mask and method of making same patent, US-8879554-B2: Preventing MAC spoofs in a distributed virtual switch patent, US-8882629-B2: Multi-stage automatic transmission patent, US-8887553-B2: Apparatus for determining the inter-fiber frictional coefficient patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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