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US-PP12036-P2: Double impatiens plant named ‘Cameo Scarlet’ patent, US-PP12873-P2: Chrysanthemum plant named ‘Wish’ patent, US-PP13921-P2: Angelonia plant named ‘Balangimpu’ patent, US-PP14666-P2: Kalanchoe plant named ‘Forever Maxi Bright Red’ patent, US-PP14826-P2: Phlox plant named ‘Elisabeth’ patent, US-PP15102-P2: Climbing rose plant named ‘POULyc006’ patent, US-PP15303-P2: South American thornless mesquite ‘Cooper’ patent, US-PP15771-P2: Climbing rose plant named ‘POULyc008’ patent, US-PP17635-P2: Persicaria plant named ‘Blackfield’ patent, US-PP18886-P2: Chryanthemum plant named ‘Yobonnie’ patent, US-PP19531-P2: Torenia plant named ‘Sunrenicoame’ patent, US-PP19579-P3: Grapevine plant named ‘Marquette’ patent, US-PP20429-P3: Heuchera plant named ‘Tiramisu’ patent, US-PP20539-P2: Camellia plant named ‘Green 99-006’ patent, US-PP20717-P2: Gaillardia plant named ‘KIEGALPEA’ patent, US-PP20937-P2: Digitalis plant named ‘WALDIGONE’ patent, US-PP21751-P2: Verbena plant named ‘Britena’ patent, US-PP21763-P2: Weigela plant named ‘Bokratwo’ patent, US-PP22167-P2: Xerochrysum plant named ‘Bondrepuho’ patent, US-PP22916-P2: Mimulus plant named ‘Georgie Red’ patent, US-PP24346-P3: Phalaenopsis orchid plant named ‘Dame Blanche’ patent, US-PP24941-P2: Bidens plant named ‘Duebigonto’ patent, US-PP25320-P2: Hydrangea plant named ‘H211903’ patent, US-PP26461-P2: Polianthes plant named ‘CNGH’ patent, US-PP26574-P2: Jacaranda tree named ‘Sakai01’ patent, US-PP27117-P3: Epipremnum plant named ‘HANSOTI14’ patent, US-PP28111-P3: Crassula plant named ‘Candy Cane’ patent, US-4086-P: Rose plant patent, US-4368-P: Rose plant patent, US-4491-P: Chrysanthemum plant patent, US-5008-P: Lily plant (Lilium Goldrush) patent, US-5311-P: Variety of geranium named `Alex` patent, US-6249-P: African violet named Arctic Princess patent, US-7391-P: Geranium plant named Fismanon patent, US-7942-P: Rose plant/var: MORchick patent, US-9722-P: Floribunda variety named `Interlis` patent, US-RE26548-E: Optical communications system patent, US-RE27704-E: Ignition system patent, US-RE28109-E: Selective data handling apparatus patent, US-T888005-I4: Defensive publication patent, US-T957007-I4: Voltage-mode logic circuitry with improved input/output characteristics patent, US-T979001-I4: Interlayer enhancement of interimage effects patent, US-T982004-I4: Powder coated resinous article patent, US-T983005-I4: Oxygen concentration detector patent, WO-0184346-A2: Procede et dispositif de gestion de creances patent, WO-0186521-A8: Online color exchange patent, WO-2013082296-A8: Three dice game patent, WO-2014010773-A2: Apparatus for radiation treatment planning and method thereof patent, US-8828812-B2: Silicon-germanium heterojunction tunnel field effect transistor and preparation method thereof patent, US-8843961-B2: Multiple resolution audio and video systems, methods of production, delivery and uses thereof patent, US-8849883-B2: Method and apparatus for adaptive control of the decimation ratio in asynchronous sample rate converters patent, US-8853186-B2: Boron containing small molecules patent, US-8907293-B2: Boron coated straw neutron detectors distributed in a moderator material patent, US-9082991-B2: OLED display device and corresponding flexible printed circuit patent, US-9095995-B2: Method of forming multiple patterning spacer structures patent, US-9156697-B2: Method for manufacturing carbon nanotube film patent, US-5082511-A: Protective coating processes for zinc coated steel patent, US-9370133-B2: Particles with special structure for preventing electrostatic discharge and paste containing the same patent, US-9371592-B2: Method for electrochemical modification of liquid stream characteristics patent, US-9386739-B2: System for controlling mower drive wheels patent, US-9417172-B2: Laboratory reactor with a reaction vessel patent, US-9461582-B2: Electrical parametric testing for back contact semiconductor solar cells patent, US-9531463-B2: Closed-loop multiple-input-multiple-output scheme for wireless communication based on hierarchical feedback patent, US-9569575-B2: Digital circuit design method and associated computer program product patent, US-9684028-B1: Monitoring and fault detection of electrical appliances for ambient intelligence patent, US-9735215-B2: Pixel demarcation layer, OLED and manufacturing method thereof as well as display device patent, US-9768159-B2: Electrostatic discharge protection device for high voltage patent, US-9870915-B1: Chemical modification of hardmask films for enhanced etching and selective removal patent, US-11079-P: New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Dueripi` patent, US-PP11829-P2: Blueberry plant named ‘Sapphire’ patent, US-PP17592-P2: Nemesia plant named ‘Balarwite’ patent, US-PP19308-P3: Spiraea plant named ‘Levgold’ patent, US-PP20584-P3: Caesalpinia plant named ‘Mnstamepa’ patent, US-PP21278-P2: Geranium plant named ‘Oglreg3067’ patent, US-PP22168-P3: Zoysiagrass named ‘Aloyzia’ patent, WO-2007070859-A2: Prothese de genou femorale distale patent, WO-2009046360-A2: Selecting cardiac pacing sites patent, US-8645100-B2: Status polling patent, US-8684055-B2: Burst-proof safety tyre of vehicle patent, US-8704356-B2: High temperature interconnect assemblies for high temperature electronics utilizing transition pads patent, US-8737737-B1: Representing image patches for matching patent, US-8783941-B2: Method of ultrasonically treating a substance patent, US-8815762-B2: Process for regenerating catalyst patent, US-8842589-B1: Transmitting noise frames in a lightly-loaded wireless coverage area patent, US-8865209-B1: Combined sublingual and gastro-intestinal delivery method of a liquid medication in a single volume limited dose patent, US-8879265-B2: Electronic circuit storage case and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-9031309-B2: Recording media processing device, control method of a recording media processing device, and storage medium patent, US-9120312-B2: Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus patent, US-9144163-B2: External storage device enclosure patent, US-9213751-B2: Method of increasing capacity to process operational data patent, US-9299689-B2: Methods of fabricating semiconductor stack packages patent, US-9330973-B2: Workpiece processing method patent, US-9360693-B2: LCD panel with new control line topology patent, US-9362867-B2: Amplification circuit adjusting duty cycle of output signal patent, US-9372252-B2: Outdoor object location system and method thereof patent, US-9396025-B2: Time-variant use models in constraint-based IT resource consolidation patent, US-9400614-B2: Method and system for programmable sequencer for processing I/O for various PCIe disk drives patent, US-9534745-B2: Lens and LED unit using the same patent, US-9771577-B2: Methods for analyzing lariat RNA patent, US-9786327-B2: Utilizing audio digital impact to create digital media presentations patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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