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US-9805718-B2: Clarifying natural language input using targeted questions patent, US-9805732-B2: Frequency envelope vector quantization method and apparatus patent, US-9806098-B2: Light-emitting device patent, US-9807657-B2: Small-cell gateway configured for multiple air interfaces patent, US-9808020-B2: Systems and methods for ozone treatment of toxin in grain patent, US-9812647-B2: Organic light-emitting device and method patent, US-9813346-B2: Systems and methods for allocation of classes of service to network connections corresponding to virtual channels patent, US-9813673-B2: Holographic video capture and telepresence system patent, US-9813904-B2: System and method of secure logon for shared devices patent, US-5038826-A: Three-way electromagnetic valve patent, US-9814127-B2: Liquid treatment device and liquid treatment method patent, US-9814880-B2: Short pulse width stimulation patent, US-9815738-B2: Magnesium phosphate cement patent, US-9816768-B2: Gas-operated firearm with pressure compensating gas piston patent, US-9817544-B2: Device, method, and storage medium storing program patent, US-9817745-B2: Binary program instrumentation and debugging patent, US-9820499-B2: Production of whole grain rice shredded product patent, US-9820624-B2: Vacuum cleaner brushroll cleaner configuration patent, US-9824518-B2: Information processing system, control information processing device, and program patent, US-9825544-B2: Power converters patent, US-9825883-B2: Extensible time space switch systems and methods patent, US-9828197-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-9828596-B2: Polynucleotide encoding acyl-CoA synthetase homolog and use thereof patent, US-9829640-B2: Temperature insensitive DEMUX/MUX in silicon photonics patent, US-9830343-B2: Compiling graph-based program specifications patent, US-9831362-B2: Roll-to-roll fabrication of ordered three-dimensional nanostructure array, related techniques, materials and products patent, US-9833908-B2: Hand mechanism patent, US-9833930-B2: Circumferential stiffeners for composite fancases patent, US-9835720-B2: System and method for sensing distance and/or movement patent, US-9837551-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-9839682-B2: Compositions and methods for the treatment and prevention of Ebp pilus-related diseases patent, US-9840777-B2: Apparatus for radical-based deposition of dielectric films patent, US-9841684-B2: Light source apparatus and data processing method patent, US-9842462-B2: Social gaming patent, US-9843650-B2: Intelligent module sequencing patent, US-9844818-B2: Flexible and extendible drill bit assembly patent, US-9845137-B2: Methods and underwater bases for using autonomous underwater vehicle for marine seismic surveys patent, US-9846192-B2: Switched probe contact patent, US-9846528-B2: Native application collaboration patent, US-9848504-B2: Electronic device having a housing for suppression of electromagnetic noise patent, US-9849243-B2: Substance delivery devices patent, US-9849607-B2: Methods and systems for the formation and use of reduced weight building blocks forms patent, US-9849758-B2: Component arrangement and method for producing the component arrangement patent, US-9849821-B1: Folding/retractable pickup truck box cover patent, US-9850672-B2: Alternating paddle mechanism for pool cleaner patent, US-9853902-B2: Method and system for implementing X2 proxy patent, US-9854828-B2: Method, system and apparatus for creating 3D-printed edible objects patent, US-9855133-B2: Flipping-type graft fixation device and method with low flipping distance patent, US-9855553-B2: Plurality of reaction chambers in a test cartridge patent, US-9855678-B2: Method of making a concrete block patent, US-9856129-B2: Method and apparatus for automatically monitoring fuel tank ullage in an automated fuel authorization program patent, US-9856241-B2: Substituted benzofuranyl and benzoxazolyl compounds and uses thereof patent, US-9856712-B2: Low shear trim patent, US-9859666-B1: Illuminated latch release for cable patent, US-9859901-B1: Buffer with programmable input/output phase relationship patent, US-9867427-B2: Shoe sole patent, US-9868217-B2: All-elastomer 3-axis contact resistive tactile sensor arrays and micromilled manufacturing methods thereof patent, US-9868806-B2: Compositions that can be vulcanized and that are based on nitrile rubbers containing epoxy groups patent, US-9870288-B2: Container-based processing method, apparatus, and system patent, US-9872771-B2: Wear-reducing geometry of articulations in total joint replacements patent, US-9873897-B2: Processing materials patent, US-9873900-B2: RNA-mediated gene assembly from DNA oligonucleotides patent, US-9873941-B2: Film-forming manufacturing apparatus and method patent, US-9875438-B1: RFID integrated circuits with antenna contacts on multiple surfaces patent, US-9875500-B2: Network traffic-based throttling of electronic commerce activity patent, US-9876735-B2: Performance and power optimized computer system architectures and methods leveraging power optimized tree fabric interconnect patent, US-9877808-B2: Membrane for inducing regeneration of bone/tissue, and method for producing same patent, US-9877893-B2: Tissue specimen retrieval bag, method for retrieving tissue patent, US-9878932-B2: Submerged combustion melters and methods patent, US-9879586-B2: Abnormality detection device for exhaust gas purification apparatus patent, US-9880466-B2: Salt, acid generator, resin, resist composition and method for producing resist pattern patent, US-9880886-B2: Framework to improve parallel job workflow patent, US-9883329-B2: Method and electronic device for transmitting data patent, US-9883483-B2: Systems and methods for coexistence of MBMS and VoIP services patent, US-9884519-B2: Pneumatic tire patent, US-9885171-B2: Corrugated stormwater chamber having sub-corrugations patent, US-H1864-H: Vibration damping method for cylindrical members patent, US-RE30200-E: Hay stacking machine patent, US-RE30691-E: Method of applying a wearing surface patent, US-RE34042-E: Wave surfing simulation apparatus patent, US-RE38549-E: Handcuff key with illumination patent, US-RE38723-E: Haloalkyl derivatives of reporter molecules used to analyze metabolic activity in cells patent, US-RE39566-E: Thermocycler and lifting element patent, US-RE40814-E: Oscillatory chest compression device patent, US-RE42576-E: Human spinal disc prosthesis patent, US-RE43115-E: Process for the manufacture of fused piperazin-2-one derivatives patent, US-RE43903-E: Severe weather detector and alarm patent, US-RE44656-E: Stackable container apparatus and methods patent, US-RE44945-E: Manufacturing method for ink jet recording head chip, and manfuacturing method for ink jet recording head patent, US-RE45218-E: OFDM signal transmission system, portable terminal and E-commerce system patent, US-RE45398-E: System for tracking and analyzing welding activity patent, US-RE46243-E: In-band signaling for routing patent, US-RE46602-E: Method of transmitting and receiving radio access information in a wireless mobile communications system patent, US-9024203-B2: Embedded printed circuit board and method for manufacturing same patent, US-9040097-B2: Compositions for improving skin appearance patent, US-D677021-S: Animal garment patent, US-H1878-H: Electronic chart assisted navigation system patent, US-H188-H: Monitor for airborne dusts patent, US-H2213-H: Enhanced proteins and methods for their use patent, US-H770-H: Tracer training projectile patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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