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US-9415433-B2: Scrap shape retention patent, US-9415670-B2: Weatherstrip patent, US-9416104-B2: Vitamin D receptor-coregulator inhibitors patent, US-9419810-B2: Location aware conferencing with graphical representations that enable licensing and advertising patent, US-9420550-B2: Power control in orthogonal sub-channels in wireless communications patent, US-9421352-B2: Infusion apparatuses and methods of use patent, US-9421626-B2: Apparatus and method for electrical discharge machining modulation control patent, US-9421650-B2: Method of forming a drug-eluting medical device patent, US-9422171-B2: Filter assembly patent, US-9422520-B2: System and method for generating a tool motion patent, US-9423154-B1: Solar heat collecting element having an edge welded bellows assembly patent, US-9423222-B1: Less-than-lethal cartridge patent, US-4580191-A: Discharge capacitor of high energy and high direct voltage patent, US-9424084-B2: Systems, methods, and media for online server workload management patent, US-9424511-B2: Methods and apparatus for unsupervised neural component replay by referencing a pattern in neuron outputs patent, US-9427257-B2: Highly responsive instrument seal patent, US-9427876-B2: Inflatable robots, robotic components and assemblies and methods including same patent, US-9428344-B2: Method and apparatus for realizing a continuous and ordered flow of containers patent, US-9428936-B2: Lock for a motor vehicle lock system patent, US-9432720-B2: Localized audio source extraction from video recordings patent, US-9436533-B2: System for monitoring and tracking application crashes occurring on different mobile devices patent, US-9436830-B2: Securing access of removable media devices patent, US-9437124-B1: Flying decoration patent, US-9437638-B2: Photodetector for imaging system patent, US-9437850-B2: Battery construction for integration of battery management system and method patent, US-9439663-B2: Endoluminal filter patent, US-9440124-B2: Golf club heads and methods to manufacture golf club heads patent, US-9440285-B2: Device for forming thin films and method for using such a device patent, US-9440689-B1: Aerodynamic structures secured to the underbody of cargo bodies patent, US-9441572-B2: Method for controlling and regulating the fuel pressure in the common rail of an internal combustion engine patent, US-9445134-B2: Multimedia and multichannel information system patent, US-9445266-B2: Smart plug or cradle patent, US-9446352-B2: Atmosphere-cleaning device for vehicles patent, US-9446559-B2: Speaker terminals patent, US-9448543-B2: Configurable personal digital identity device with motion sensor responsive to user interaction patent, US-9448730-B2: Method and apparatus for dispersed storage data transfer patent, US-9449097-B2: System to conduct search updates at determined frequency patent, US-9449895-B2: Cooling system for molded modules and corresponding manufacturing methods patent, US-9450430-B2: Mobile device mount which is wearable or may be used with a mounting system patent, US-9451046-B2: Managing CDN registration by a storage provider patent, US-9454160-B2: Thermal recycling plant system, apparatus for controlling a thermal recycling plant and method of controlling a thermal recycling plant patent, US-9457312-B2: Sequestration and release of carbon dioxide patent, US-9459185-B2: Solar powered sample analyzing system using a field deployed analytical instrumentation and vacuum jacketed small diameter tubing patent, US-9460214-B2: Ranking search results based on color patent, US-9460530-B2: Fixed layout electronic publications patent, US-9460925-B2: System and apparatus for efficient deposition of transparent conductive oxide patent, US-9463315-B2: Method of implanting a unitary dual-chamber leadless intra-cardiac medical device patent, US-9463930-B2: Tubular conveyor belt or pocket conveyor belt having a chevron profile arrangement on the carrying side thereof patent, US-9464776-B2: Vehicle light system with illuminating exhaust patent, US-9464969-B2: Monoliths patent, US-9467608-B2: Auxiliary lens for mobile photography patent, US-9468233-B2: Smokeless tobacco packaging system and method patent, US-9471594-B1: Defect remediation within a system patent, US-9477698-B2: System and method for inferring reporting relationships from a contact database patent, US-9477926-B2: Piecewise linear neuron modeling patent, US-9479445-B2: Application-aware flow control in a radio network patent, US-9480322-B2: Cosmetics storage assembly patent, US-9480605-B2: Device for extracting dried nasal mucus or earwax patent, US-9481949-B2: Fabrication and application of nanofiber ribbons and sheets and twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns patent, US-9481969-B2: Mobile barrier patent, US-9489920-B2: Method to control display device screen brightness and strength of dynamic range compression based on ambient light level patent, US-9491124-B2: Remote control using instant messaging patent, US-9492113-B2: Systems and methods for monitoring organ activity patent, US-9492319-B2: Implant for the treatment of glaucoma patent, US-9492835-B2: Customizable apparatus and method for transporting and depositing fluids patent, US-9492957-B2: Extruded plastics profiles comprising continuously introduced insulation elements patent, US-9493173-B2: Railcar patent, US-9493533-B2: IL-15 mutants having antagonist activity patent, US-9494295-B2: Ring light module patent, US-9494892-B2: Transporting apparatus, developing apparatus and image forming apparatus patent, US-9495277-B1: Dynamic test topology visualization patent, US-9496236-B2: Interconnect structure patent, US-9496665-B2: Connector receptacle with side ground contacts patent, US-9498625-B2: Hemodynamic performance enhancement through asymptomatic diaphragm stimulation patent, US-9499779-B2: Devices, systems, and methods for the fabrication of tissue utilizing UV cross-linking patent, US-9503834-B2: Application catalog on an application server for wireless devices patent, US-9503975-B2: Exchanging energy credits wirelessly patent, US-9504869-B2: Syn rings for dynamic weight suspension patent, US-9505761-B2: Bicyclic compounds and their use as antibacterial agents and beta-lactamase inhibitors patent, US-9505836-B2: Interleukin-10 peptides and antibodies thereof for inhibiting adverse effects of protozoan infection patent, US-9506065-B2: Diagnosis and treatment of cancers with microrna located in or near cancer-associated chromosomal features patent, US-9507920-B2: Controlling access by code patent, US-9508038-B2: Using ontological information in open domain type coercion patent, US-9508318-B2: Dynamic color profile management for electronic devices patent, US-9511028-B2: Orally disintegrating tablet patent, US-9511385-B2: Automated stent coating apparatus and method patent, US-9511922-B1: Fresh melon and produce bag patent, US-9512100-B2: Method for producing glycolide patent, US-9516432-B2: Antenna used in conjunction with the conductors for an audio transducer patent, US-9517246-B2: Chitosan derivatives for inactivation of endotoxins and surface protection of nanoparticles patent, US-9518121-B2: Anti-Jagged1 antibodies and methods of use patent, US-9520042-B2: Smoke detector with enhanced audio and communications capabilities patent, US-9520083-B2: Organic light emitting display device patent, US-9522519-B2: Polycarbonate resin laminate patent, US-9524626-B2: Securing device for objects patent, US-9524846-B2: Target structure and X-ray generating apparatus patent, US-9527540-B2: Bicycle lighting systems and methods patent, US-9527640-B2: Methods of manufacturing tamper-resistant and tamper evident containers patent, US-9527854-B2: Compounds and methods for treatment of hypertension patent, US-9527892-B2: Protective vaccine based on Staphylococcus aureus SA2451 protein patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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